World Series Game 5: Scratchin’ & Clawin’

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‘Stay with me, we’ll take the night
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     Okay, I’ll be honest. I wasn’t so crushed that our boys didn’t win it all last night. Yeah, I know, sounds crappy. But I LOVE beyond love the fact that we’re gonna win it in New York. Yep, we’re GONNA win it in New York, not maybe, not possibly, but definitely. I was almost begging for it. You can’t tell me winning #27 at home wouldn’t be a million times sweeter than winning it on the road, even if it was against Cliff Lee. You also can’t tell me that you just wanted these guys to win to “get it over with,” ’cause that’s just ridiculous. Baseball should last forever, period. =)

burnett07b.jpg     But anyway, last night wasn’t a good night to get it done anyway. Mr. Hyde aka Bad AJ Burnett was in town. Unfortunate, but it was the reality we faced. He only went 2 innings [into the third, but got no one out] and racked up 6 earned. Luckily Dave Robertson is god-like and he saved our butts for two innings after that, followed by Alfredo Aceves, who also went 2 scoreless. After that, we faced a near-fatal choking by Phil Coke, who allowed two more runs to make the score 8-2 after seven innings. Oh yeah, that Cliff Lee guy wasn’t too bad… neither was that Chase Utley character. o_O Hope was nearly lost, and I was nearly relieved; that’s how badly I wanted this series to continue. I don’t care how bad that sounds. I’m selfish. I admit it. I want these guys to grace the new Stadium with a ridiculously gorgeous banner that was earned there, not anywhere else. Sue me.

     Color me surprised when the Yankees come back in the 8th and manage to tack on another three runs, making the score 8-5 and therefore… wait for it… a SAVE situation! Sure, everybody wanted Brad Lidge on the mound so he could give us another graceful performance as he did in Game 4, but we never saw him. Looks like Charlie Manuel had his head screwed on rather snugly last night. Good decision making on his part, clearly.
     Anyway, our boys added another run in the 9th, making the score 8-6. My eyes were fairly widened at this point. However, the bleeding was ceased and the score became final. Ah, well. Off to New York we go! =D

     Sidebar 1: Shane “Skirts McGirts” Victorino took a ball of the hand in the first inning courtesy of AJ Burnett. No breaks (dammit) and he stayed in the game for a good while (dammit again). What. a. trooper. [vomits] =)

damon03b.jpg     Back to the game. Alex freakin’ Rodriguez = Beastmatic 3000. 3 RBI on two hits. Johnny Damon & Robinson Cano added an RBI apiece to the mix. All the elements for a comeback classic were there, but they just weren’t to be had. And yes, once again, I’m not losing sleep over it. So weird, but I can just taste the sugary sweetness of winning #27 in the House that George Built.

     Sidebar 2: Alanis Morissette (a Canadian) singing the National Anthem (of America). “Isn’t it ironic, don’tcha think?” It’s like getting your hair cut by a bald guy. What a trip that was.

     Andy Pettitte is on the mound tomorrow against Pedro Martinez. That alone is something that will make the win even better. Facing Pedro in our house? C’mon, you can’t possibly tell me you would not love to see that. Seriously. Let’s be logical here, people, sheesh. =) Here’s to tomorrow, bloggers, for it will be sweeter than the nectar of the gods; trust me. 😉

– Siyonara Kids!


  1. ibleedpinstripes

    Interesting tidbit, Beth. I’m pretty confident we’re gonna get this done tonight. It’s gonna be beyond amazing!

    I’m looking forward to Pedro getting his butt spanked again tonight, Jane. I’m having a countdown myself!

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