One Week Later…

Now Playing: One Week [ Barenaked Ladies ]
‘It’s been one week since you looked at me,
cocked your head to the side and said ‘I’m angry” 😉

     It’s been one week since that glorious Game 6 in the Bronx. That Game 6 where our beloved Yankees won their 27th World Championship.  That Game 6 where they finally went all the way after a 9 year drought [hello innuendo].  It’s been one long, euphoric yet torturous week since that fateful day, and I have but one thing to say… I WANT BASEBALL. NOW.

     After such a long season like baseball, I can never remember what the hell I do with my time during the off-season.  Then I take into account school, college basketball, and the holidays and I realize that even without baseball, life isn’t too, too bad.  It’s beyond weird how much of an impact something like baseball can have on a person.  I’m pretty sure I had the shakes for a few days after last Wednesday.
     Staying on the impact topic, I’ve also realized that there are some people that legitimately don’t get it.  I’ve told my friends about how much I love the Yankees.  Now, I know I can be emphatic, but I don’t think I’ve ever realized how much it shows.  I get made fun of, playfully, but still.  People really don’t get it, and honestly, I don’t think I get it either.  How does baseball get into someone’s veins and wreak havoc on their brains and emotions and, well, lives?! It’s a mind-boggling idea… and a blog topic for another day. =)

     So, what’s happened since last Wednesday?  Well, the Parade of Heroes, of course.  My boys clean up pretty damn nice if I must say so. Mmmmm. ;D I can only imagine what the first-time player paraders must have been thinking.  Watching that footage [and playing hooky, ssshhh! ;D] certainly made it seem like they were all having the time of their lives.  The youngins especially.  Great, great stuff.  I’m glad I missed classes to watch it.  I used it as a well earned & well needed mental health day.
     And, even though it’s only been a week, there have already been talks about contract extenstions, contract renewals, tenders, free agencies, and all that jazz.  Hideki Matsui, Johnny Damon, Andy Pettitte, Jerry Hairston, Jr., and Jose Molina are among the free agents from our boys in blue.  So, in essence, their journey for 2010 has already begun.  It will no doubt be interesting to see who gets re-signed and who gets the boot.  But, no matter what happens with any of these guys, let’s remember one thing: they ALL helped this team make it to the World Series this season, and they ALL helped to win it in one way or another.  I can certainly say, at least for myself, that no matter where they end up, I wish them nothing but the best, and they will always be Yankees in my heart (yes, even if any of them end up in Boston [cough HIDEKI cough]).  Another cause[s] for celebration? Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira win the Gold Glove Awards for their respective positions.  BALLIN’.  Many, many, many congratulations to them, of course. I WUV YOU GUYS! =D

     Hmmm, other stuff from this week, let’s see… Well, I’ve decided I’m going to put a collage on one of my walls dedicated to these fabulous men in pinstripes.  It’s a work in major, major progress, but I’m optimistic that it’s gonna be pretty bada$s.  Be sure to look for pictures of the finished product sometime in the near future!  Also, my substitute sport of obsession for the off-season – men’s college basketball – officially began on Monday with the Coaches vs. Cancer tournament.  Let’s go Tar Heels! WOOOOO!  They’re on tonight at 9, so you know where I’ll be at.  At the moment I’m watching Syracuse play the Handmaids of Mary Robert Morris.  Go ‘Cuse!  I can’t wait until the season gets into full swing.  Then come the holidays, and winter break from school. Ahhh, I cannot wait.

     So, from here on out, expect a little less about baseball and a little more about other stuff.  A sad thing to see, I know, but I hope that doesn’t hinder anybody from visiting iBleed: Yankee Pinstripes.  I have always and will always bleed blue, even if I don’t always write about it!  Hehe.  Here’s to a great and productive off-season for the Bronx Bombers [and all of baseball], and here’s to hoping beyond hope that our sanity stays intact!

– Hasta Luego!


  1. mrsswisher10

    here, here! i definitely agree w paragraph 3. i’m sad it’s over, but i’m actually more relieved than sad. now i have time to concentrate on other things i neglected during the season. yay for keeping up with the blog!

    – Jessica

  2. jesskcoleman

    I’ll tell you what to do this off season. Savor the championship for a couple of weeks — buy some shirts, sweatshirts and any other Yankees championship apparel. Then, enjoy what will be a great off season. Already, we have seen a lot of rumors and big signings, just wait until players start talking to other teams. It’s going to be exciting. Just be happy the Yankees won. Imagine how bad it would be if they lost in the World Series!
    — NYColeman

  3. Jane Heller

    Isn’t it funny how our friends don’t get our baseball obsession? THEY’RE the ones who are missing something! I agree with Jeff. Just write about whatever interests you during the off-season. It’s your blog so go for it!

  4. feverspell

    I know it feels, Lisa. When baseball’s over, you don’t know what to do with yourself. Thank God for the MLB Network – there’s tons of new programming that will be on between now and Spring Training and I’m looking forward to it.

    On my blog, I’m of course doing the Yankees World Series Championship Tournament of Champions, which is already going on to Round 2, and I’m really excited about it. This website I found that allows you to run simulated games between two teams, no matter the era, is extremely addicting.

    After that, I hope to do some more “Team of the Decade” posts, working backward and since I did this decade, the next one will be the 90s. It all depends on the feedback I get from my readers about it. I would hate to put a lot of work into something like that and get no response.


  5. mattpeas

    Syracuse looks to be good this year, liek always. but the real beasts of teh Big east will be my West Virginia Mountaineers. cant wait for this basketball season….and CHRISTMAS…so pumped already got a tree up in my apartment and holliday music blasting

  6. devilabrit

    Yes it’s that time of year where horizons are expanded to include all sorts of stuff, as they say one persons trash is another ones treasure… can’t wait for the other stuff…
    another awesome song…

    Outside the Phillies Looking in

  7. ibleedpinstripes

    True that, Jess. I think you need to give your brainchild some lovin’. Now it’s your turn! LOL

    I do need to get myself some new stuff for the wardrobe, NYColeman. I can’t lie though, this week has sent me into a bit of a depression. I think I’m coming out of it though, thankfully! And at the moment, I’m actually watching Yankees Hot Stove, so I’m getting my fix!

    Very true, Jeff. Don’t worry, I plan on being as random as possible!

    It’s so sad [for them] Jane. They’re totally missing out! And I’ll be sure to keep up with my other obsessions during the off-season!

    Yes, the MLB Network is a godsend, Beth. Right now I’m trying to wean myself off of baseball a bit [even though I’m watching Yankees Hot Stove right now =X LOL]. I’m loving your brackets! Look forward to me stalking your blog for the latest updates!

    I don’t know about always, Matt, but they sure looked good against those scrub teams, LOL. We’ll see about your Mountaineers… You have a tree up already?! Sheesh! I’ll be adding some tunes to my iPod really soon. I can’t wait!!!

    Haha, that phrase has never sounded more appropriate, Peter. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you have to say too!

  8. cwj1284

    Ha! Lisa, I totally blew off class on the day of the parade, too. Gotta love those mental health days…especially when its ACTUAL spiritual healing watching the Yanks celebrate a WS win! But seriously…the Venga boys as they were getting the keys? Ugh. It’s like going to a fancy restaurant, ordering a dinner that costs more than some people make in a week, and then having a glass of Arbor Mist to go along with it. Ya just don’t do it! haha, but I digress…

  9. ibleedpinstripes

    Well, Babu, I hope it’s somewhat exciting nonetheless. I’ll take whatever I can get!

    Got that right, Chris! I was pretty annoyed about the Vengaboys thing to… like, really? That’s the best song you could come up with? I’d like to take whoever picked the tunage and throw them off a cliff. I could’ve done 248956297659745x better as the DJ!

    Don’t worry Buz. As soon as it’s finished, it’ll be up here! It may take a while though… =X LOL.

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