We’re Gonna Rock Down to Electric Avenue ;D

Now Playing: VH1’s 100 One-Hit Wonders of the ’80s

     ^ Epic win, clearly. Props to VH1 for supplying me with my title as well as my entertainment for this evening. =)

     So, as I’ve said, I’ve been working on a collage for my wall in my room… well, it’s not a wall so much as it’s the slanted part of my ceiling since my room is on the far side of my house.  I guess you could say it’s the part between the ceiling and the wall, but whatever. I digress.  I said I’d post my progress, so this picture is after Stage 1 of my project that will now be known as… [drumroll] the Wall Collage of Epic Proportions!

stage01collage.jpg     I’m thinking I might rearrange it a bit so that there are only two rows
of pictures, ’cause I have a good 7ish feet [give or take a few inches] left to go on this
wall-like thing and it’d take me forever to fill it. FYI, if you hadn’t noticed, it’s pictures I’ve put on the blog over the course of my starting it. Quirky captions and all! =D

     Other ideas I’ve had in my extremely imaginative mind:
             1. Doing the two row thing, and then putting pictures of friends & stuff in the space underneath those rows
             2. Keeping it as is, and when I get to the halfway point, put pictures of friends & stuff on the other half
             3. Splitting the wall-like thing into thirds and putting Yankee stuff on the outer pieces, and friends & stuff in the middle part.

     Honestly, I amaze myself sometimes. I’m too creative for my own good. Again, sometimes.  But I have a feeling it’ll come out good no matter what I do, and hopefully the painters’ tape I’m using to stick these things to the wall won’t peel the paint. =D

     Annnywho, school has been rough on me lately so this once-a-week-updating thing might just go on for a little while longer. We’ll have to see. And I wish there were decent college basketball games to watch tonight. [sigh] Ah, well. Maybe I’ll start my stats paper. Yeah, that’s right… a paper… for STATS. -_- It’s friggin’ math, but I have a paper to do for it. Real nice. LOL @ college.  Okay. I’m gonna go watch my One-Hit Wonders for the 241719847245627th time. ♥

– Adios!


  1. ibleedpinstripes

    Thanks Jane! =) Well, I hope to include my friends somewhere… I’d hate for them to come in my room and see that they get no love; I don’t think that would go over too well haha. Of course, the pie moments have to be up there. They’re some of the best!

    Aw, thankya Jeff! And honestly, as I first read that comment, I said “yeah, he would” out loud. LOL.

  2. thefreak

    I agree with Jane. Who needs pics of friends. 10 years from now you’ll look at pics of yoru friends asking yourself “What was her name again?” Do yourself a favor. Stick with the yankee pics. Friends come and go but the Bombers are FOREVER!!!!!!


  3. devilabrit

    I’m thinking there were more 1 hit wonders in the 80’s than any other decade… and more early American 80’s bands derived from inspiration of British 70’s bands than any other decade, plus songs from the British 70’s found there way into the American 80’s..I’m a British 70’s freak and my wife is an American 80’s freak..never would have guessed huh…. and the collage thing looks cool.. now you could be really creative and separate your pics into light and dark and form all the light pics into the NY (Yankees logo) with the dark pics all around… and whats wrong with Math…:-)
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  4. ibleedpinstripes

    =/ I hope your week from hell didn’t put too much of a damper on your weekend A.J. College can be quite tedious sometimes.

    LOL, well freak, you do have a point there. They are the one stable thing that won’t go away. But, I do have friends that I know will be there for me. It’s just a matter of knowing which ones they are!

    What a pair you and your wife make, Peter! LOL. I have to add more progress on the collage… I just added stuff yesterday. Maybe I’ll do that today. Your suggestion sounds cool, but I don’t think I’d have the room to make a logo on the wall. =/ Ah, well. And as far as math goes, it can BURN IN HELL! LOL.

  5. ibleedpinstripes

    Hahahaha! Sorry Peter, I’ve had a bit of writer’s block lately with all the school papers I’ve had to write. I’m posting today, don’t worry! =D

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