It’s Been Awhile…

Now Playing: Shine [ Collective Soul ]
love is in the water, love is in the air,
show me where to look, tell me will love be there?’ πŸ˜‰

     I’ve seriously slacked on my blogging duties like whoa. My sincerest apologies!

     You’d think I would’ve wrote a few entries between now and the last time I posted. I really don’t even know why I didn’t. This winter break was so boring and unproductive. I really hope summer vacation doesn’t end up like that!

     I don’t even know what to write about now, that’s how much nothing I’ve been doing with my days off from school. I’ve wasted pretty much all my time, and now I start back to school on Wednesday. FML to the highest FML.

     I hope everyone’s Christmahannakwanzica & New Year celebrations were fantabulous. No complaints on my end. =) I l know pretty everyone [not including myself] is already back on their work/school grind. I kinda wish I was already. I feel like I’ve been out of school forever… but this semester is probably not gonna be so peachy so I guess it’s kind of a double-edged sword. Sigh.

     I figured I’d just stop by to say hey and 33 days until pitchers & catchers! =D YAY! I’m so sick of football it’s not even remotely funny, and college basketball can only use up so much of my energy. Oh well. It’ll have to do for now. =)

     Hopefully I can think of something more interesting to blog about in another few days. Until next time…

– Adios!


  1. ibleedpinstripes

    Thanks Matthew! It’s good to be back! I think I’ll stick with my NCAA b-ball in the meantime until baseball comes back! =)

    It really can, A.J. I can’t wait for baseball. The withdrawals are getting to me. Thanks & same to you! =D

  2. cwj1284

    Lisa! Good! Welcome back! I’ve missed your charming wit. πŸ™‚

    Anywho, I have something that you can blog about that, quite frankly, has me a bit steamed right now.

    JHJ…chose the Padres….over us? Wha?
    Ok ok, I know…his brother just got traded back there. Yeah I know…they have never played together except for Mexico in last year’s WBC. Yeah yeah, its special to play on a team with your brother, blah blah blah. But seriously? Why did Cash let this happen? I liked JHJ. Now we have to get *gulp* Rocco Baldelli?!?!? (Speaking of FML to the highest FML…) Orrr…we could still pony up and get Damon at clearance rack prices…im sure Mr. Boras would never let that happen. Great…so that leaves us with Reed Johnson. Ick. The only good thing about him signing with the Yanks would be that the Boss would make him shave that dead squirrel off of his chin. Screw it…let’s just stick with Gardy, backed up Hoffman. They’ll be ‘aight.
    Well, now that I’ve written that blog FOR you, i’m going to shut up now. πŸ™‚ -Chris

  3. ibleedpinstripes

    Haha thanks for the welcome wishes Chris, I appreciate ’em! Honestly, all I have to say about JHJ is… “crap.” We’ve lost so much ’09 Championship mojo with everybody who’s left/is leaving that I feel like all the magic fairydust will be gone by October of 2010! I think we’ll be alright though. Gotta keep it positive!

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