Guess Who’s Back… Back Again… ;D

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‘Where is this going? I thought I knew for a minute
but I don’t anymore…’ 😉

     Here we are again… after I promised a lesser interval between blog posts. =X My apologies. Hopefully this time I mean it. =)

     Of course, things have been hectic. School, #WBC [♥ – you know who you are], and of course Twitter keep me on my toes. Plus, I’ve suffered some severe writer’s block over the off-season. How ridiculous of me. (Yes, I used a hashtag in a blog post. Sue me.)

     It’s amazing how consumed your time can get with people you ultimately don’t know. Twitter has introduced me to some of the best friends I could ever think to have in #WBC. Yeah, that may be absurd to most, but people search for the loves of their lives on the Internet, why can’t I find a few good friends? They make me laugh like I’ve never laughed before, there’s hardly ever a dull moment, and they’re there for me, just like best friends would be. So, if you don’t like it, you can get the FUGOUT. Judge me all you want, but my opinions won’t change. If you’re reading this guys, I LOVE YOU! ::widdle voice::

     Back to baseball. Well, our beloveds have begun Spring Training and there have been some highs and lows. Non-roster invitees kickin’ a$s and takin’ names, some ’09 heroes coming through and some mucking up… but hey, it’s Spring Training. Should one really delve into that? IMO, no. Spring Training is just that – ‘training’. Whatever happens there is not the end of the world, unless in transitions into the actual season. THEN I’ll be worried.

     Hm, what else…? Oh, yes, J-Dames. Hasta luego, my dude. You made a pretty asinine decision. Tell Scott Boras he can stick it where the sun don’t shine for us, will ya? Kthnxbye.

     Another thing, as per Pretty in Pinstripes (hey Hiba!), this whole Nomar Garciaparra thing? Really? No, REALLY? Breesus Christ. How anyone can respect RSN is beyond me. That’s enough about that before I vomit up my empty stomach.

     Even though I don’t want to take too much into account this Spring Training, I have a feeling those are the thoughts that’ll pick at my brain at least until the season starts. Me not being vocal about things is just not normal…

     With that being said, that reminds me: MARCH MADNESS IS NEARLY UPON US! ♥ Ahhh, I do love this time of year. Too bad UNC ate dirt this season, huh? [rolls eyes] Their tourney shot is basically gone and making the NIT is gonna be harder than it should be, if they even get considered at all. [sigh] There’s always next season, right? -_- Oh well. I still love my Tar Heels. =)

     Anyway, once I get back in the saddle of this whole blogging thing, I’m sure it’ll come a lot easier to me like it used to. For those who came around to see the cobwebs, I apologize. Hopefully this post marks my triumphant return to the Blogosphere. Love you guys! ♥

– Deuces!


  1. feverspell

    Welcome back! I hope school has been treating you well – I loved it and hope to get my MBA at some point. I’m sure once the season picks up again in about 3 weeks, the inspiration for posts will bubble up and you’ll have no shortage of things to say.

    You’re one of the best Yankees blogs I’ve read, so you should have no worries.


  2. A.J. Martelli

    Nice to see you back, my friend! I am still laughing about “cheese fest” (see the message I left on your Facebook for more on that) I’m watching Yaknees Magazine right now bc they’re in a RAIN DELAY. That deserves a child plese.

    I’m so ready for baseball! Can’t wait to hear more from ya Lisa. Go Yankees!

    PS: my friend transferred to UNC just this year–I joked and told him he’s the reason they had such a bad year. lol.

  3. devilabrit

    Lisa, good to see you’re back again… I know how it goes, time just gets away from you, if only there were 36 hrs in a day…. March Madness, besides being the fact that baseball isn’t really baseball, does cause me to root for the Jayhawks… just because I went and saw play when I live in KS…and I spent many days in March having extended lunchtimes in front of the big screen TV in either a Hooters or local Sports bar watching the games….. so GO Jayhawks

    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  4. ibleedpinstripes

    Thankya Beth! School’s been alright, sometimes tedious but that’s how it is lol. I’m excited for the season and getting back on track with this thing! And thank you for the compliment! ♥

    LOL oh A.J., c’mon now hahaha. I’m sick of rain delays… we got another postponement today – RIDICULOUS. And tell your friend to go to another school, would ya please? LOL

    Hey Peter! Kansas fan are ya? They were pretty darn good this year. I’m not sure who I want to win it all yet… that’ll come once I start working out my brackets! =)

  5. Beeeebzy

    I just saw this! I didn’t know you were blogging again Lisa 🙂
    Thanks for the shout-out and having me on your blog roll!
    It’s gonna be a long season with LOTS to blog about. So get that booty shaking and let’s go!

    – Hiba
    “Pretty In Pinstripes”

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