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     Well, if it isn’t MLBlogs!

     Clearly I’ve been slacking, once again -_- School ended a month ago so I really have no excuse for my neglectful behavior. [slaps self] But hey, I’m here now, right? So that’s what counts… I guess…

     If I tried to play catch-up for the time I’ve missed, I think I’ll be here until Doomsday. So, I’ll just stick with a brief overview [in no particular order]:
     – “Oh haaay Randy Winn! LOL jk, Goodbye.”
     – F&*^IN’ THAMES!
     – Nick Johnson… sigh @ your life.
     – Hip Hip Jor… ouchies.
     – hey Tex, May called. They said, “WTF BRO?!”
     – Robinson Cano, the spontaneously combustible.
     – Hey, Mo… would you like to NOT give me a heart attack?
     – Swish, the newly engaged and spanker of the month of May.
     – “I’m Armando Galarraga, and I pitched a perfect game! LOL jk Jim Joyce done fudged up!”
     – Ken Griffey, we hardly knew ye… well, actually, we knew you quite well.

joycegalarragab.png     Where to begin… well, the more important stuff needs addressing.  First of all, I’m pretty
sure nearly everyone and their grandmother wanted to give Galarraga that perfecto.  I’m not gonna start an argument, because Lord knows people would get on my case like white on rice.  Did I want the call reversed? Sure, but only for the purposes of making things right by Galarraga… and yes, I am aware of the uproar that would have caused. Do I want more instant replay? Maybe. That’s something I’m not willing to discuss unless I’m in the mood to get my a$s chewed out… which is never. All I’m saying is that the guy got robbed… and at least Joyce felt like a stinking pile of horse manure for it. At least he was sorry. And hey, I might just try to pitch a 28-out no-no just so I can get a Corvette for myself.

     It’s also too bad that that incident had to happen just as other news was breaking – Ken Griffey Jr., “The Kid”, retired from the game of baseball.  It’s unfortunate that he had to do this mid-season, when people figured him to hang up his cleats before the season began.  The guy may have broken in before I could get a real firm grasp on the game of baseball, but when I did see him play, it was something. The game is gonna miss him terribly. [salutes]

    Okay, back to reality. The Yanks just finished a three-game sweep of the Murphy’s Law team of the MLB, the Orioles. I will admit that I feel pretty horribly for those guys… and just today their manager, Dave Trembley, got fired after a whole lot of rumors flying. Hopefully for their sanity, this move is for the better.
     On a lighter note, and why I’m here in the first place, our boys are on FIYAH. Robinson Cano? ARE YOU SERRRIOUS?! [Dickie V voice] Dude is ridiculous right now. I can’t think of any words suitable enough. ASG material, straight up. He’s clearly the best hitter in baseball right now. Nick Swisher has been big in the past month too. I’d start the shmooze factory and go on and on about how much I love him, but he’s engaged now. [sigh] FTL. Okay I’m done with that topic. LOL. Mark Teixeira needs to get his ish in gear… it’s June now, broder. LIGHT IT UP! After a mediocre May – his go-to month – he needs some kinda spark to get himself going. Curtis Granderson, after a stint on the DL is back and better than ever. And Jorge Posada, JoPo fa sho-sho, has been back in DH action after a hairline fracture. Welcome back, Jorge!

arodmob.png     And I guess I’ll welcome myself back to the blogs too. Hopefully this is the first of many more to come in 2010. WOOOOO-HAH!! =D Let’s go Yankees!

– Hasta Luego!


  1. cwj1284

    Lisa, I too am glad you’re back on the bloggin’ scene. Your wit and humor was sorely missed. Case in point: your “LOL jk” line on Randy Winn. I seriously had to catch my breath after laughing at that one! Also, couldn’t agree more about Nicked Johnson. Glorious return FAIL.
    Now, maybe I’m crazy, but am I the only one that was actually GLAD when we brought back Gaudin? I liked the kid, and he seems to up his schtuff when he’s pimpin’ the pinstripes. Yeah, ok…he gets his backside handed to him every few outings but I think he’s a good solid arm that can help us out. Especially with Aceves out. (I know what Ace is going though…I have the same back problems, and I don’t blame him for not being able to pitch through it.)
    Also, when I saw Swish got engaged to Joanna, I remembered some of your posts last year. Ummm…yeah…sorry about that. That sucks. Ya know…for you. haha 😉


  2. 2yankeeboy

    The poor basement bound orioles don’t seem to have a chance this season, and firing their manager hasn’t helped a bit. The Yankees just lost a killer last night to the D-backs of all teams. So hit my blog up i haven’t been on it in forever!

  3. 2yankeeboy

    The poor basement bound orioles don’t seem to be getting any better since their managerial firing. Poor halloween birds : ( But the yanks just got spanked last night by the D-Backs, of all teams! and AJ well he doesn’t seem to be his old pie-in-the-face self so we need him back ASAP.

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