Oh Dear…

     Well, here I am. I’m dusting off the cobwebs and oiling up the rust that is iBleed: Yankee Pinstripes. Back in 2009 when I started this blog I swore I’d keep up with it. It was the best creative outlet I had found – at that point – ever. Sadly, it proved too much for me. I was uninspired and unaffected. 2010 was all in all a forgettable season, and I found no reason to write, even though at one point I loved it so much.

     I find it amazing that some of my blog friends were so ready and able to keep up with their MLBlogs. I commend you all. I seriously don’t know how you do it. I guess that’s why I’m not looking to become a writer at any point in my life, lol. I know that’s not the only reason to keep a blog, but for whatever reason the 2010 season went stale for me. The euphoria that was 2009 wore off and the San Francisco Giants became the new World Champs. Sigh.
     I won’t lie… my love for baseball itself was tested this past season too. I guess there were a few reasons as to why such a thing would happen, which I need not get into. But the love will always be there, no matter what.  I guess it’s just not enough for me to continue with this blog… That, as well as the impending conclusion to my undergraduate career and future that I need to focus on. This is something that just isn’t in the cards for me, unfortunately.
     So, as you have probably all (i.e., whoever is reading this) deduced, this is most likely my final entry on MLBlogs. There’s no doubt that I’ll always keep it alive so that I can reminisce on what a fantastic season 2009 was and look at all the comments and remember all the friends I made on here (more on that later). It was a hell of a ride, folks. Hell of a ride.
     To conclude, I just want to thank everyone who’s been through here, either to read, comment, or both, or even just to stop by and share a thought or two. You all still mean a great deal to me. I will be forever grateful that there are other souls like mine out there, worshiping at the Cathedral near 161st and River.  Through good times and bad, I’m thankful that you were all there cheering or jeering with me, game after game. You are all amazing people. NEVER change!
     Now, I’ll be mushy as well as a bit more specific. I want to thank MLBlogs for introducing me to some of the coolest people on this planet. Virginia & A.J., you two are a couple of the most awesome people I’ll ever come to know, regardless of our ever meeting in person, which I hope happens at some point in life. You two are definitely included in the ones I mentioned above that still vigilantly post to this blog. You are both so amazing! I’m really glad we’re Facebook friends and can still keep up with each other. 🙂 I have so much love for the both of you, it’s insane! For fear of getting really emotionally verbose, thank you for being you. ♥ YOU GUYS ROCK!
     Jane, Jeff & Allen, Chris, Beth, Jason, Peter, and so many others that I’m undoubtedly forgetting: you were all incredibly good to me with your words and support. I’m so glad I got to spend the time I did with you all, despite it being electronically rather than in personal company. Reading all of your blogs and seeing your views on baseball fandom in itself were truly inspirational. I’m beyond glad you’ve all come into and (unfortunately albeit clearly) gone from my life. Whenever I do look back on this blog and all its trimmings, I’ll no doubt remember you all. It’s been real. ♥
     For anyone who does read this entry and wants to keep up with my life, you can find me on Twitter @LSizzFoRizz, add me on Facebook (and, if it’s at all ambiguous, just let me know who you are if you do, lol) or check out my other blog that I use to post pretty much anything and everything on Tumblr. Again, I thank you all, no matter who you are reading this right now, for being a part of iBleed: Yankee Pinstripes. You stay classy, MLBlogs. ;D ♥
Sincerely yours,
Lisa, aka the Perennial Pinstriper ♥

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  1. southernbelle

    Lisa: Your blog was the first MLBlog that I ever read, and I’ll never forget it. And I’m SO glad we’re facebook friends! You are a great fan and an awesome person 🙂

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